What Is An HTML Extractor? Semalt Presents Famous Tools To Extract Text From HTML Documents

An HTML extractor or scraper is the tool that extracts meta-tags, meta descriptions and titles of a piece of content. To get data from simple HTML documents, you just need to have basic coding skills. But for the sophisticated HTML documents, you need to use reliable content extractors or scrapers. There are different programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, NodeJS, C++, and JS that you need to learn to extract content from both simple and complex HTML files. For your HTML-related tasks, the following tools are the best.

1. Import.io:

Import.io is one of the best content scrapers and HTML extractors on the internet. It operates in multiple languages and slices and dices your HTML document, producing data in the form of tables and lists. This program provides options for downloading your metadata in the JSON format.

2. Octoparse:

Using Octoparse, you can extract a huge amount of data from different web pages. It is one of the most efficient HTML extractors on the internet that can scrape data both in structured and unstructured forms. Octoparse grabs useful data from images, HTML files, text files, videos, and audios.

3. Uipath:

Using Uipath, you can easily automate form filling and navigation. It is an accurate, simple and amazing HTML extractor and content scraper on the internet. Uipath reads data in the forms of JS, Silverlight, and HTML, giving you the most accurate and desirable results.

4. Kimono:

Kimono works pretty fast and scraps content from newsfeeds and travel portals. It is good for programmers and developers. This HTML extractor pulls out information from hundreds of web pages within an hour. Kimono makes it easy for you to extract data in the form of images, videos, and text.

5. Screen Scraper:

Screen Scraper is one of the best scrapers that help extract data from different HTML documents easily. It can perform both difficult and easy tasks and has plenty of navigation and precise data extraction options to get benefited from. However, Screen Scraper requires a bit of programming and coding skills. Plus, this tool comes in both free and premium version and is ideal for your HTML files.

6. Scrapy:

Scrapy is the high-level content and screen scraping program that is good for your HTML documents. It is a powerful framework, used to index web pages and extract data from blogs and sites easily. Scrapy is effective for HTML documents, and you can monitor the quality of your data while it is being processed.

7. ParseHub:

ParseHub redirects queries to web crawlers in no time and uses an advanced machine learning technology to identify HTML documents and scrape useful data from them. ParseHub is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

8. Spam Experts:

SpamExperts tool identifies and eliminates email spam. Moreover, it processes your HTML files and is a powerful HTML extractor. Some of its best options are synchronization and configuration of any HTML file. It can be deployed locally and in the clouds. SpamExperts monitors the outgoing and incoming data, providing you the best possible results.